Monday, December 26, 2016

Review: Eyes of Persuasion by Adrienne Monson

Eyes of Persuasion

Eyes of Persuasion is a genre mash-up of paranormal and historical romance. 

When her parents are murdered, Lady Isabeau Maybrick is taken in by an abusive uncle to help pay his gambling debts. But Isabeau has a secret, a talent hidden since birth. Her gift helps to keep her out of the whorehouse and out of trouble—that is, until she meets Everett Radcliff. Hard working Everett Radcliff detests high society and finds plenty of excuses to avoid it. But when he meets Lady Maybrick, he can’t help but be enthralled by her violet eyes. When he hires an investigator to uncover a crook, his path crosses with hers, throwing them into a world of mystery, murder, and surprisingly, love.

About the author:

Adrienne Monson
Adrienne Monson has always had a voracious appetite for books. When she became a stay at home mom, she finally listened to her muse and began writing.
She enjoys Zumba, kickboxing and weightlifting. She also loves delicious foods, which is why she has to work out so often.
Dissension and Defiance is available where books are sold. Deliverance, the final installment of the Blood Inheritance trilogy is slated for release April 2016.
Eyes of Persuasion is a mashup of paranormal and historical romance, found exclusively on Amazon.
My review:
I just read Dissension by Adrienne Monson, you can read that review here. I loved it so much, that I was offered a copy of Eyes of Persuasion which I loved as well. I loved Lady Isabeau Maybrick, she was one of my favorite characters that I read this year. She was strong, fierce, and intelligent. Unfortunately, despite all this, she was under her uncle's abusive grasp. Eyes of Persuasion is fast paced and the only negative I have about it is I wish it was longer since it was only a novella. I would love if it became a series someday!

Lady Isabeau was very lucky to have one of the best maids I have ever seen, Meg. Meg helped her out so much and was very loyal and kind. Everett Radcliff was the perfect gentleman and the man of any woman's dreams!

I also liked Lady Isabeau since she was a wallflower. Lady Isabeau had special purple eyes, that helped her persuade people, but she never really used this as an evil advantage. This is full of paranormal and historical romance elements, but there is also a lot of adventure. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough on this one!

I gave Eyes of Persuasion 5 out of 5 stars!

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