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Blog Tour & Giveaway: The Dragon Sphere by Abel Gallardo

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This is my stop during the blog tour for The Dragon Sphere by Abel Gallardo. This blog tour is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 8 till 21 August, you can view the tour schedule here.

The Dragon Sphere

The Dragon Sphere 

(Nation of Dragons #1)

by Abel Gallardo

Genre: Fantasy

Age category: Young Adult

Release Date: July 20, 2016


Landon Brown, fifteen year old high school football star, is always on the top of his game. That is until he receives a visit from an uncle he’s never met with information about Landon’s father, who disappeared without a trace thirteen years before. Landon learns that the life he’s been living is a lie and that his true nature is powerful and dangerous. He’s half dragon and a threat to the delicate balance that has kept dragon society hidden from humans for hundreds of years.

Landon now must learn about his dragon heritage and train to control his incredible abilities with the help of the Elder Dragons, a bizarre trainer named Alpha, and other dragonoids like himself.

He quickly realizes that the mysterious world of dragons, spirits, and secret societies are not for the weak. Tasked with finding the Dragon Sphere, an ancient relic harboring a terrible power that could destroy the world, Landon recognizes that he just might be way in over his head. Will he be able to control his newfound power in time for the fight of his life?
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“I don’t think there is anything I could say to discourage you all from continuing forward with your mission,” said Shadow, “so I will do something for you that no other dragon would have the courage to do. I consider myself to be the best sorcerer of all the dragons, and I will grant you the opportunity to fly the night sky as one of us. If you choose to accept, I have a potion specifically designed to change you into a dragon for one hour. You may find it easier to search for Proteus from above.”
I will allow only two of you to use it―and I would like the opportunity to speak with my son.” Shadow looked at Shade with the smallest hint of a smile on his face while Aurora and I looked at each other with big eyes. The chance to become a dragon for an hour was right before us.
“We’ll do it,” we both said in unison.
Shade stayed silent, but I could tell that he wanted to come with us. We needed someone to hold all of our stuff, and this was a perfect opportunity for him to catch up with his dad. Shadow pulled open a drawer from his desk, and took out a small vial with green liquid in it. There were many small potion containers in the drawer, but he seemed to know which one to grab. He poured the contents into two Styrofoam cups.
“Let’s go outside,” Shadow ordered.
In the small alley behind the magic shop, Shadow gave us two rules. The first and most important was to not be seen by anyone other than Proteus. The second was to not use any of our powers while in dragon form. We had agreed to meet back at the magic shop in one hour. Then I drank the green liquid from the cup. Aurora waited about thirty seconds after me, then she drank as well. We waited in anticipation for the change, but nothing happened. Another minute passed and still no transformation.
“I don’t think it’s working,” I told Shadow as he stared down at my feet.
Black smoke was rising from the ground beneath me. I turned to Aurora and the same thing started happening to her. Shadow and Shade stepped further away from us.
Soon the smoke had completely enclosed me. I couldn’t see anything. I started to feel my muscles expand as my body stretched. Yet, it wasn’t painful. I could hear my bones snapping, but the only thing I felt was a weak burning sensation in my gut. Then I felt hard scaly skin start to develop, covering the soft tissue that I once had. My vision began to blur, and then an immense burst of light blinded me. When I opened my eyes, an assortment of colors differentiated the objects I was looking at. I realized that I was now seeing things with thermal vision. When the transformation was complete, I stood roughly fifteen feet tall and my tail added at least another seven or eight feet. I was a metallic bronze color, just like my dad and my uncle Bane. I could feel two small nubs on the top of my head, which I assumed were my horns.
Aurora was a sky blue-colored dragon, a few feet shorter than me. Her wings were folded behind her, which made me look back immediately to check if I had mine. We both tried stretching them out. Without any trouble, we were able to command our wings to spread. One of Aurora's wings stretched out so long it slapped me in the face. I saw the look in Shadow's eyes. He was obviously very pleased with the results of his potion. Shade gazed at us in awe.
"Dragons are natural flyers, so you shouldn't have any problems getting off the ground," Shadow said, looking up at us, "but you might have to flap your wings for a couple of minutes just to strengthen them since they've never been used before."
Abel Gallardo

About the Author:

Abel Gallardo was greatly influenced by Greek mythology, comic books, and the fantasy/mystery novels he had read as a child. Shortly after graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, he began writing stories that reminded him of the adventures he cherished growing up. Abel Gallardo now lives with his wife and children in Albuquerque, NM.

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