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Book Blitz: Twisted Lies 2 by Sedona Venez

Book & Author Details:
Twisted Lies 2 by Sedona Venez
(Dirty Secrets #2)
Publication date: May 19th 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Sinthia Michaels has nearly lost everything. Unwittingly, she’s signed over the majority of her couture fashion line and lost the support of her retailers in one fell swoop. Behind it all is the one man she is undeniably attracted to.

Core McKay, a wealthy and legitimate businessman, is after one thing only—his mother’s murderer. When his intel leads him to a corrupt politician connected to Sinthia, Core will stop at nothing for his own version of justice—even if that means using Sinthia to get what he wants.

Continuing the story of twisted lies and dirty secrets, Core and Sinthia both have an end game, but their feelings for one another could be their undoing.

Mini book trailer: https://youtu.be/rPUXdbpKAMo

Excerpt 1:

     The challenge in her eyes filled me with a need I’d never even known I possessed. My hands tightened and unclenched before I caught her by the arm and pressed her against the wall. In one swift move, I pressed my lips against hers. Moving my mouth on hers, I forced her lips open and I plundered inside, one hand tightening on her waist and drawing her even closer. My tongue swept into her mouth while my other hand released her arm, reaching up to wrap itself in her hair, tilting her head back.

     Her hands fisting my shirt, she leaned up into me. My mouth devoured and stroked her with a controlled sensuality that made my cock jump to life, straining against my pants to break free. I growled when her mouth widened and she pushed her tongue into my mouth. I groaned, tasting a hint of mint 
and coffee. 

     My head spun out of control as she kissed me back with unleashed anger and passion. The ache within my throbbing balls grew. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer until I needed to bury myself inside her cunt. 

     Sinthia’s breath caught as my hands went around her, pulling her away from the wall and flush against me. My fingers traced over her buttocks. She tried to remain motionless, her ass cheeks tensing in reaction. Blood raced to my cock, stiffening it to near pain as I imagined her voluptuous tight ass clamping down on my cock as I fucked her from behind.

Damn, I burn to have her.


Sedona Venez is a romance junkie with a dirty mind. She lives in New York City with her hot ex-military hubby—hooah—and their furbaby. She loves writing sizzling, sexy complex stories about strong but broken characters who push boundaries, overcome their fears, and risk it all for love.

To learn more about Sedona Venez and her collection of contemporary and paranormal romance novels, visit her at www.sedonavenez.com

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Excerpt 2:

     “Damn. Shit just got real,” I muttered under my breath. 

     The throng moved again. McKay was checking me out with unveiled interest. 

     I tried to calm my beating heart, but to no avail. Biting my bottom lip, I drank him in. Jesus. He looked smoking hot. If you looked fuckable up in the dictionary, McKay’s name would be right there next to it. He sizzled in a shawl-collared tuxedo paired with a crisp tailored white shirt, black silk bow tie, 
black leather shoes, and a Panerai watch. Ram was looking flawless in a white tuxedo. It was masculinity at its finest. 

     McKay’s eyes flashed as he arched his eyebrow at me. I stopped and turned so I was facing Jade and my back was toward McKay. 

    Jade curiously looked at me. “What’s up?” 

    “Don’t look. That’s McKay by the bar,” I hissed. 

    Of course, Jade did the exact opposite of what I’d asked and stared boldly in his direction. 

    I wanted to choke her. “Really? What part of ‘don’t look’ was unclear?” 

    Staring over my shoulder, Jade whispered loudly, “Which one?” 

   “In the black tux with the black silk bow tie. He’s staring at me like I owe him money,” I responded. “Because I do.”

     “Damn! Look at that face.” Jade blinked and then blinked again. “He’s crazy hot.” 

     “No. He’s just crazy.” I turned back around, glaring at him. Okay, he was hot, but I’d be damned if I acknowledged the way my cunt pulsed under his scrutiny.

Excerpt 3:

     I turned around to find Core McKay staring at me with no smile. He was standing under the bright moonlight, looking delicious, dangerous, and just plain fucking gorgeous. 

     “Making trouble everywhere you go,” he drawled in that ridiculously gruff tone.

     My cunt clenched like it recognized its master’s voice.

     “What can I say? I’m a very bad girl.” I batted my eyelashes almost comically before sashaying toward him. 

     Stopping before him, I tilted my head, and my eyes traveled up his well-built tall body. He had discarded the tuxedo jacket he wore earlier. Muscles bunched against his crisp tailored white shirt, and his rolled-up sleeves displayed the tattoos on his forearms. His collar was unbuttoned, and all I could focus on was the all-seeing eye tattoo on his neck.

     Damn. This didn’t bode well for me. I was a sucker for men with tattoos.

     He crossed his muscular arms. “Hmm… that happens to be my favorite type of woman.” 

     He was sexy—well, hot and scary. His dark hair was cut short on the sides, but it was stylishly longer on top. His searing steel-gray eyes made me visualize seriously wicked, naughty things.

     Shit. Shit. Shit. Sin, focus.

Excerpt 4:

     I tilted my head, kind of enjoying the sarcastic ruthlessness of McKay’s demeanor. “What can I say? Obviously, what’s between my legs is really memorable.” 

     McKay laughed, and it was a full-on sexy sound, which sent a zing to my cunt. 

     “Apparently.” He silently eyed me. 

     I squared my shoulders and took a deep breath. “Why are you gawking at me like that?” 

     He shrugged one massive shoulder. “Just trying to figure you out.” 

     I knew he was toying with me, but I was in no mood for games.

     “There’s no riddle to me, McKay.” 

     “I beg to differ.” His lips tilted into a brief small smile.

     I pasted a smile on my face and delivered my next line in a saccharine tone. “So are you going to continue to eye-fuck me?” 


    He smirked, and my heart skipped a beat. 

    I started to fidget, and then I forced myself to stand still. This man was fucking unnerving.


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