Sunday, December 21, 2014

Review: A Song After Dark by Grant Palmquist

A Song After Dark by Grant Palmquist

My rating 5/5 stars

I received this book for free through a Library Thing giveaway. 

This book only took me two days to read, which means I could not put it down. 

We all have met someone destructive in our lives, and some of us are lucky enough to get away from them. Unfortunately, Norman wasn't lucky enough to get away from Zach.

This book is indeed gruesome with a lot of violence and sex. However, it is needed. You see the cold case files documentaries all the time, and this is a wonderful story of what happens before the cold case. The only part I didn't really like was all the cats that were killed. However, many serial killers kill animals before people. 

Zach is an outcast, however he is egotistical and maniacal. Norman is an outcast too, but you couldn't help but love him. He was sweet to Lisa and tried to be the best son he could be.

This book was great in that it showed two point of views, Norman and then Zach from chapter to chapter. It really showed how naive Norman was at first when he met Zach. The newspaper articles in the book too are a key part to this novel. 

I would recommend this book to everyone really, it is a warning to perhaps be more careful in who you find to be your friend. Also to be more aware of what is going on right before your eyes in the case of the other characters.

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