Sunday, December 21, 2014

Review: Making Do (Myself in Blue Book 2.5) by Renata F. Barcelos

Making Do (Myself in Blue Book 2.5) by Renata F. Barcelos

My rating 5/5 stars

I received this book for free through a Library Thing giveaway.

I read this book in two days, staying up very late to finish it. It was such a great story.

Simon is autistic or has asperger's (he hasn't been properly diagnosed) but his friends and family suspect it. Natalie recently had a bad accident and is blind. Music brings them together. 

Although they have different ailments, deep down they are very much the same. They are beautiful on the inside and out. You can't help but fall in love with Simon and Natalie. 

The ending was superb. It was such a beautiful story to read, and gave me a feeling of hope. If these two people can come together, there is so much hope for the rest of us out there.

This novel is split between Simon and Natalie both telling their story. It is humorous at times too, because Simon does very silly cute things like a little boy would. He however unlike most men today, speaks from his heart. 

I recommend this to anyone wanting to read a touching, sweet, beautiful story.

You can read your copy of this at: Amazon

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