Hi! I'm Kara and I LOVE to read!

I am a thirty-something, cat-loving, bookworm and total nerd. I also like dogs and all other animals too!

I have always loved to read. My love of reading started in either kindergarten or first grade (I can't remember.) The school librarian was showing us around the school library, and then she asked if we had any questions. I am extremely shy and introverted, and my hand shot up and I asked her "How many books can we check out?" when other kids didn't even want to check out one book.

Of course, before I even started school, I was excited to learn and couldn't wait to go to school. I bugged my mom every day about starting school, but she kept saying I was 4 and I had to wait until I turned 5! My mom taught me to read, and often read to me.

I love to talk about books and reading, so please feel free to comment or contact me on any of the social media platforms I am on! :)

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  1. What a great website, Kara. If you ever want a free book, I always have them available on my website. If you ever want a free paperback, just ask! :)