Saturday, December 13, 2014

Review: Reejecttion by Daniel Clausen

Reejecttion by Daniel Clausen

My rating 5/5 Stars

I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads. You can too because the book is free!

This book was hilarious. If you have ever been rejected, which most of us have been, it allows a softer side to be taken.

I also loved some of the short stories, they reminded me a lot of 1984 and were excellent.

The rejection letters are indeed so funny. The sarcasm Daniel uses in this book is excellent too.

I also enjoyed the links to the Monty Python video and another link to a blog with the 10 types of rejection letters and what etiquette you should use.

I would read this book if you are an author who has recently been rejected, or just want something funny to read!


I have been winning more ebooks lately...I know this is the way of the future, but I really prefer paper books! I just can't seem to get the same amount of enjoyment off my tablet. I am trying though, to save trees.

Today I received Rich Marcello's first novel "The Color of Home a novel". He was nice enough to send it to me :) So soon I will see if its better than The Big Wide Calm, which many reviewers claim. I am not sure personally, as Paige Plant was pretty close to my age...but I bet I will still love it nonetheless.